Dec 16

Step 4: Edit Like Your Life Depended On It

Today we are going to move on to step 4 in creating sales letters because they are the initial face you present to others. If you missed the previous steps, you can review them in our blog -

STEP 4: Edit Your Sales Copy Like Your Life Depended On It!

Edit your writing by taking each word and scrutinizing it until you are convinced it fits in perfectly with the previous word and blends beautifully into the next word after that.

In short, edit your sales copy like your life depended on every word (in a way it does:). Just be sure to edit everything you write so that every single word on your page flows flawlessly into the next word. This will
bring out the MAGIC hiding in your copy!

Make certain (by reading and re-reading and re-reading), that every phrase, paragraph, sub-headline, even punctuation mark, works to LEAD your reader right into the next part of your letter.

I’ll just cut this short and say this. When you edit a sales letter you want to use to really sell something, you’re not editing for grammar or to win a Nobel Prize for your writing skills.

You’re writing to make the sale. You’re writing to convince your reader they are NOT wasting their time listening to you.

The way you want to do that is to make sure every single word, every single phrase, every single paragraph, every single sub-headline, packs a solid punch.

To get that, edit that letter till you wear yourself out. Make sure there’s nothing more you can do before you upload it to get sales. Do this and you can almost always guarantee that you WILL make sales from that letter — for certain.

Next time, we’ll talk about the last tip. Watch for it and I’ll see you then!

Meanwhile, enjoy the Liz Toomey copywriting download I have for you that includes master resell rights.

To OUR Success,

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