About Me

Iya’falola H. Omobola

I am a spiritual coach, traffic exchange owner and internet marketer with more than five years of experience who has tools to gain alignment with your higher consciousness … and your pocket.

The time has come to take your marketplace into your own hands. You have been scratching your head, biting your nails and throwing your hands up in the air. So many offers for advice leading to nowhere have left you frustrated, upset and broke.

I know. As they say – been there, done that.

I have put together a collection of tools, resources and information that will assist you in taking advantage of the road you have travelled thus far. One of the most important avenues you will need to develop, as you will discover if you haven’t already, is one leading to your own products.

In creating your own product, or pathway to success, it is imperative that you focus upon is understanding the needs of the general population and what you can provide to them in order to make their lives better.

What better service than helping pave the road to better health?

I currently live in Jackson, Mississippi, which has the highest rate of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and infant mortality rate among African American women in the country.  There is obviously a serious health concern here.

I have made it my business to elevate this situation to that of a higher consciousness.  I invite you to join me in this journey.

With respect,

Iya’falola H. Omobola
(708) 252-3421


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